Monday, 2 August 2010

Fmp....Break the rules. Why not?

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Watercolour piece. Created over a period of 3 weeks. Building up and layering.
This is one of my favourite pieces of work. Its a trainer design for DC trainers. Using a character i designed for a local charity I incorporated it into the design.
Character created on illustrator for poem 'noodles in my nostrils' as part of poem illustration brief.
Drawing from still life classes. The task was to using different mark- making to create tone.
One of my favourite images from the poem illustration brief. For the poem name When in my Bubble Bath.
Using illustrator, exploring different gradients. Part of poem illustration brief.
One of my final images from my poem illustration project.
Drawn from direct observation, exploring tone and mark making.
Self- Portrait. Part of my photography brief using the topic environment.
Using illustrator i create this character as part of my poem illustration brief.
I enjoy using this program, I feel I work to my full potential.
This is part of my final major project.
A design for a DC trainer advert.
Originally drawn then transfered onto the computer.